The Day I Discovered Stitch Fix

It’s 2016 and I thought of cleaning out my closet this year. I must admit I’ve been hoarding a lot of clothes that is 10 years old already. I am one of those peeps, who shop but find it difficult to let go of the old stuffs. Simply because they still fit, and are my absolute faves. Totally unhealthy!!

On my quest to sort out my clothing items to Keep It pile and Donate It pile, I came across an online styling services called Stitch Fix .  It works like a gem.  I must admit it cost like a gem too.  But it’s all worth the services you get.  They are great on peeps who are busy and have no time to shop, or the patience to shop.  I’ve also seen stay at home moms, who avail of their services, or for people like me who need a second opinion when it comes to fit and fashion.

Stitch Fix is a no-sweat online shopping that is individually styled for you.  All you have to do is to get started and create a style profile here.  You set your individualized preference for the stuffs you’d like to receive on each of your fixes.  You can set your price preferences as well.  And the frequency of your fixes too.

Before requesting for a fix and if you’re already on Pinterest, create a Style Board that holds all styles that apply to you. Pin clothes you want to try, and how you dress so your stylist get to know you and your fashion sense better. Make use of the notes to communicate to your stylist why you pinned a certain item.  It can be the style, the color, the print and so on.

All you have to pay is $20 styling fee, which goes towards your purchase per fix. It does not roll over. It’s either you use it or lose it.  And I don’t think you’ll ever lose it because there’s always something nice that you will love. If you love them all, you get a 25% discount of the total purchase less styling fee.

You are receiving 5 articles of clothing per fix. Each item corresponds to a style card that shows you how to wear it in 2 different ways. Isn’t that neat? The only thing they ask of you is to try each and every item before you decide which ones to keep, and which ones to return. Try them out with other stuffs that you already own. Use the style card as your cheat sheet when mixing and matching with your stuffs in your closet. You can also use it to request items that you don’t own it yet, and get the full potential of your style cards.

Shipping is free both ways.  I recommend that you snap a photo of yourself, so you can see how you look on pictures before you even decide. Returns are always easy. Just pack everything in their enclosed USPS pouch with their affixed return labels, and drop off to your nearest postal office within 3 days.  That’s right! You have 3 days to try it on and decide.  Should you need more time, just email them, and there’s no worry to rush checking out.

Checkout is a breeze.  All you need is to log in to your account and click on “Ready to Checkout”.  That will bring you to a page where you will leave your feedback on each item you received.  Be honest on your feedbacks, so you get better fixes next time.  You pay for what you keep, minus your styling fee.  Isn’t that amazing? Indeed!

Not only that, but you get the chance to earn a credit as well each time someone signs-up under your referral code. So it’s all a matter of referral. I refer you, you refer others.  It’s like a circle of Stitch Fix family helping each other get a taste of fashion.  Here’s mine, should you need to sign up.  I plan to share my fixes every time. Who knows you might find something on my fixes that you’ll love. Pin it on your Pinterest board to request it.

Goodluck on your Stitch Fix journey.  I hope it’s a positive one.


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