January Fix: My 1st Stitch Fix


Squeal!!! My first ever Stitch Fix has arrived. It’s a day late than expected, but everything worked out as planned. So I grabbed my first fix and loaded in the car as I drive my girl to church for her CCD class.


Of course I can’t wait but open the box the moment I dropped off my girl to her class. First thing I grabbed was the note from my stylist, Jinnyi, explaining her choices for my first fix. I was appeased my fix came with a style card. It helps on days when I’m on a hurry. It tells you 2-ways to wear each item with the right accessories, shoes and purses. Such fool proof style card when you’re on a style-rut. NEAT!!

So while I’m seated in my car waiting, I could not handle the anticipation that I need to peek thru her actual selections. From the style card, I am eyeing on the Catherine Dress and the Margaret M Emer Houndstooth slimming pants. From those 2 item I already knew that Jinnyi has spotted my style correctly.

Emer Houndstooth Straight Leg Pant photo ecd0db3b6e05b98d03232502f47eeaf3.jpg

I love how Jinnyi listens to what I am looking forward to receive. She sent me the classic houndstooth Margaret M slimming pants. It’s the type of pants I’ve been wanting for a long time. The fit, the style and the materials are perfect. It’s stretchy comfy that has the slimming effect. It’s perfect. And for $98, I’m sold! I agree it’s expensive but I looked elsewhere that’s comparable to the fit and material, the price is justifiable.

Catheryn Dress photo 79949ae24bc58b6ba04f53f0389c5224.jpg

The Catheryn Dress is lovely. The print, the waist detail, the color and the feel of the fabric is everything that made me fall madly in love. It’s a tad short in length but I can wear it ok. It’s perfect for any day or night outs. You can absolutely dress it up or down, but it’s just way too loose that I look like swimming on it. I didn’t know I can exchange it for a smaller size so this went sadly on the Return It pile.

Ronna Dress photo 3c37b7a9e1fdc80bbc7d6ccac69adc74.jpg

I was a bit unsure with Loveappella Ronna dress. I wasn’t quite a fan of this dress, but I need to give it a try before I decide. True enough it’s nothing that I consider love at first sight. But the fabric is lovely. So soft and smooth. But the fit is not for me. It’s a straight dress that is not figure-flattering. I could have requested a size exchange for a smaller size, but I did not bother. There are so many things about this dress that I’ll pass. I can’t keep something that I don’t really love. It’s loose fitting and it makes me look a bit more mature than my age. Perhaps if it’s a bit form fitting, I might have reconsidered it. This has to go.

Bow Sleeve Button Up Cardigan photo 605092370f308cd9f78d03f80e6fdc6a.jpg

The 41Hawthorn Johanni Bow Sleeve Button Up Cardigan is another lovely item. I love the deep blue color and the textile,  but not quite convincing to keep. For its price, I can get better than that. So this has to go to the Return it pile without hesitation.

Chaimbers Cowl Neck Knit Top photo fc2cefb173d38f12c703dd2eacba6424.jpg

The Chaimbers Cowl Neck Knit Shirt is something new to my style. I gave it a try and paired it with the Margaret Emer Pants that was included in this month’s fix. I love that they worked together. It’s nice to receive fixes that complement each other. But this went to the Return It pile due to size issue. It’s a bit big on me, and doesn’t fit well.

As mentioned on my previous post here, I snapped a photograph of me to see how I look on pictures. But weren’t blog worthy due to exposure issue. I have to set up a place at home where I can photograph my fixes better for you.

Since I didn’t get much on this shipment, I scheduled another fix a month later to make up for the purpose of renewing my wardrobes. Need to get down to quality-made basics that fits well before I can move on.

If you’re new to Stitch Fix, please see this post to brief you about it.  Affiliate links enclosed.  Let’s help each other ☺.

Thanks for dropping by.



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