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March Fix: My 2nd Stitch Fix

 photo DSC_0641.jpg

My 2nd fix has finally arrived after such long wait. Ha! I guess this has how Stitch Fix gotten women addicted to shipments they send.  And believe it or not, I love them…a lot!  It’s true, fix gets better in time.  And mine just took one fix for my stylist to get to know me even better.

 photo DSC_0635.jpg

The moment I get an email that my fix has shipped, I try not to peek and check my stuffs via my online checkout window. But this time, I did. Oh boy! No image found. Sadly, I went ahead and researched on every item listed.  Such a mistake I made because I learned that items I pinned are coming my way. And the wait was stressful.  Never again.

Surprisingly, my stylist has changed.  I guess that’s how Stitch Fix works. And I must admit Heather did a wonderful job reading my blog and listening to my requests via my Pinterest Board. I think the KEY is to renew your Pinterest Board for each request so as not to confuse your stylist.

 photo DSC_0639.jpg

For this fix, I requested a dress to wear for my daughter’s piano recital, and another for her First Communion ceremony in May. I also mentioned how I adored the Margaret M pants I received on my 1st fix, and requested if I could get some more similar pants, or blouses that can nicely go with it.  I pinned several chiffon blouses on my Pinterest Board requesting it with a “pretty please” magical words. Sure enough my wishes were granted.

Item 1: Moni Geo Print & Camisole Blouse (41 Hawthorn)-SMALL photo Moni Geo Print amp Camisole .jpg

I. LOVE. MONI GEO PRINT BLOUSE. The blouse that I pinned several times in different colors.  My request was a brighter color that will dress me for Spring. She gave me a navy blue which I think complemented my skin tone. My style card showed that I can wear it with jeans. Perfect since I am a jeans person 80% of the time. Though I love my closet to have a healthy mix of pants & dresses so I’d be ready when an occasion calls for it.

Item 2: Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan (41 Hawthorn)-SMALL

 photo BlouseampCardigan.jpg

On her note, she mentioned that I wear this cardigan over the Moni blouse, as it will look amazing with the Emer pants and heels to wear for work. I took a photo of it so I could visualize how the outfit would look.

 photo DSC_0659.jpg

Then I tried it on. I honestly adored what I saw. I actually tried the shirt tucked out for a more relax look, and tucked in (image below) for a more polished look.  And I did love both. This is the type of outfit I love to wear. Simple with a touch of sophistication. Heather, please send more like this on my future fixes.

 photo DSC_0660.jpg

I also tried it on with jeans and a fave cardigan I own. This time in a lighter and neutral shade.  And I still love it for a more casual look.  The blouse is absolutely a keeper for its versatility. I’d like to receive more of this kind of blouses in my future fixes. The length and fit are perfect.

 photo DSC_0663.jpg

Item 3: Margaret M Emer High Waisted Trouser (SMALL)

 photo Margaret Classic.jpg

Since I loved my Margaret M pants on my first fix, I requested for a similar pants for this fix, but I did not expect Heather to send me another black pants but in classic style. What’s the difference? See image below.

 photo 2pants.jpg

My previous Margaret M pants was in Houndstooth fabric (right), and my current one is a silky stretch fabric. I actually love it but the fit is too tight. I have to squeeze my wide hips into it just to try them on with the Moni Blouse and knit cardigan she recommended.  They can be worn as one outfit, which I like.  My fear is it might not last me longer than expected since it’s difficult to put it on. Seams might just come apart from too much stretching. My previous Margaret M pants was in Medium which I thought was a bit loose. I have the trouble of having it stay up for a day. I need to pull it up from time to time. Just thankful it’s high-waisted so not a problem that I’m showing any of the unwanted. So I adjusted my size on my Style Profile to a Small. Small is great. Love the snug fit on my hips and midsection, but I experienced bunching on the crotch and knee area which was quite uncomfortable pulling the fabric downward just to keep it in place. So the verdict for this is: RETURN. Haven’t really tried requesting for a size change. But I did not bother for this item since I knew how a Medium fits. Disappointed I fell in between sizes. This pants’ cut and fit just isn’t me. I need a fly so I could squeeze in better.

Item 4: Renesme Geo Cube Print Faux Wrap Dress (41 Hawthorn) -SMALL

Stitch Fix 2 photo Renesme Faux Dress.jpg

I requested for a wrap dress as part of my wardrobe basic essentials. I told my stylist that I couldn’t find the perfect wrap dress for me that will downplay my midsection.  I have pinned several wrap dresses similar to this dress in different colors and prints. I was expecting a darker color since most of my pins were in darker colors. I believe I look better on darker fabrics because it helps downplay areas I need to hide. But I’m working on it. So I expect to look better in time.

 photo DressOnly.jpg

Turns out, this dress is lovely! First time I ever wore a dress on a lighter shade. Perfect for Spring.  On her note, she wants me to wear this for my daughter’s recital with a wedge and a denim jacket. Love that look coz that’s how I just wanted this dress accessorized to downplay my midsection. Glad I just bought a pixie jacket over at Old Navy during their 40% in store event. And this is how I look (image below) with the denim jacket on.

 photo Dressjacket.jpg

UPDATE: I couldn’t help but noticed that this dress enhanced my midsection, that would surely make me uncomfortable wearing it. I loved this dress so much that I took the chance to request for a size up. Customer service was prompt. They processed my request right away and 2 days later, I found it sitting on my porch waiting for me to try it on. It was such a delight to see my instinct was right. The length of the dress made a huge difference balanced out my problem area. The size up lengthened my figure that proportionate my overall appearance with the dress on. Really, size does matter. Will post picture soon for you to see.

Item 5: Trisha Clover Charm Layering Necklace

 photo Necklace.jpg

And last but not the least, Heather sent me a layering necklace to complete each of the outfits she sent. So I have to try it on.  Honestly, I didn’t quite like it paired with any of the outfits she sent me. It’s not popping up. SO I tried it on a black top, and the magic blossomed. I like to accessorize only when the outfit looks boring. Otherwise, less is more.

 photo DSC_0690a.jpg

My goal here is to really love the items to be even considered for purchase. If the total of the items I’m considering to get equals the total amount of all 5 with the 25% discount, then I’ll take all. But that didn’t happen due to the tight Margaret M pants and not so love necklace. So I have to make a decision to checkout only versatile items I can wear repeatedly in varying style. I ended up keeping the Renesme faux wrap dress and the Moni printed blouse that I pinned.

Thank you Heather for styling me on this 2nd FIX. You did awesome. The style is so me. Hope you style me again on my next Fix.

If you’re new to Stitch Fix, please visit here so you can read on the mechanics of joining and start receiving your fix. This post being linked up to Crazy Together Stitch Fix Linky Party.

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