I. Love. Chatbooks

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Have you heard of Chatbooks?

Chatbooks is an android/OS photobook app that can be downloaded to your smart phone and can be linked to your Instagram and Facebook accounts, from where the pictures are drawn from. If you’re a photo enthusiast like me, you will love Chatbooks for its ease of organization turning your images into great memories.  You may either subscribe a Chatbook series, or create a custom chatbooks.

In a Chatbooks Series you can create an ongoing book series linked to your Instagram, Facebook or your Camera Roll Favorites in a matter of minutes. After creating your series, your photos will continue to update any time photos are added to that photo source.

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Your pictures will appear in chronological order and you can move them around any way you’d like. You can also choose your cover photo, add captions, exclude any photos you don’t want, and customize your books any way you’d like.

When you are ready, follow the prompts to enter your personal & credit card information, and place your first order. With a Series subscription you will be notified by email three days before a new volume/book gets sent to print. This will give you time to make any modifications you might need before it goes to print. You can always choose to cancel/pause publication any time with no questions asks.

The series costs $8/volume with free 10-14 business days shipping. You can always upgrade to a faster speed at an additional cost. For people who started before 2016, they were grandfathered to $6/volume. I was able to avail of that with my Instagram feed.

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Custom Chatbook lets you create a single book with anywhere from 30 to 366 pages using any photos you would like. Now is the time to finally put all those 1,350 photos from your previous family vacations into a book, rather than just sitting on your memory card or computer. Your photos can be placed in any order you choose. Once your pictures are uploaded, just drag and drop them where you would like. Pick a cover photo, add captions, and choose from a variety of other options to customize your book.

Custom Chatbooks cost $8 for 30 pages and an additional $1 for each ten pages after that. You will pay shipping for Single Books based on the number of pages in the book, and you can order as many copies as you would like. This is particularly great because it will allow you to send a copy of your book to grandparents, relatives and friends who are in those books as well.  They will love it just as you do.

I created both and love them both. Your Instagram feed is perfect for the Chatbooks Series. While birthdays, anniversaries, fundraising and other events with lots of pictures you took are best for the custom books.  Those little books for a very little cost to pay.

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Now they even have the hardcover series for an additional $5/volume. They look even more amazing. They are hardbound so you know that they last even longer. They’re slightly about half an inch taller and wider than the traditional softcover, and are thicker too.

Chatbooks are six-inch square, soft-cover photo books. A 60-page book weighs close to 5 ounces (or 0.3 pounds). All Chatbooks use 100 lb matte paper for the cover. Inside the book your photos are printed in vivid color on 100 lb satin coating paper. For those of you who understand paper properties, that’s a brightness of 94 and a rating of 1.

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See the comparison on the images above and below. The 7 topmost books are in softcover, while the bottom book is a hardcover. So if my calculations are right, a hardcover photobook measures 6.5 inch square.  What’s even truly amazing, based on my research, is to know that all Chatbooks are printed on a brand new Canon iGEN 150 digital press using Xerox iGen Press Matte Dry Ink. Photo books using this ink have been certified by Wilhelm Imaging Research to resist fading for more than 200 years, so expect to enjoy your cherished memories in Chatbooks for a lifetime or more!

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If you love to try Chatbooks for FREE, please use my referral code below so I may be able to get a credit, while you print your first book free just to try them out. Then leave me a comment below that you did, so I can thank you. Please subscribe to my posts via email so you hear back from me when I host Chatbooks giveaway anytime soon.


Thank you for dropping by. Hope you enjoy your first Chatbooks as much as we do.


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