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As you all know, I am busy re-organizing my wardrobes’ color palettes as I renew my wardrobe essentials for the year 2016.  I may be too late on that, but believe it or not, I am having a difficult time putting it together.  So I thought of journalizing it one at a time as each passing season calls for it. For today’s post, I’d like to concentrate on dressing up neutrals for Spring.

Neutrals have different shades for a reason. One that complements warmer skin tones, and another on cooler skin tones.  Based on my research, if your skin is dark, olive or golden in tone with yellow undertones, then you fall under warm skin tones.  And, if your skin tone is fair or pale with pink skin undertones, then you have a cooler skin tone.  But what if you’re like  me? I am Asian. Most of us have pale skin tone with yellowish undertone.  So which skin tone should I follow?

My make-up stylist once told me always check your undertones. The best way is to check the color of your veins that runs on  your inner arm. If it runs bluish, you have a pink undertone, therefore belongs to the cooler shade. If it’s greenish, you have a yellow undertone, therefore belongs to the warmer shade.  And for a long time that’s what I’ve been following.  And so far, that rule has not disappoint me with shade matching.

According to Stitch Fix on this post,


  • You have darker hair (black, dark brown, auburn).
  • You have brown or brown-hazel eyes.
  • Your skin tone is dark, olive or golden in tone.
  • You have yellow skin undertones.

Colors to add: orange, fuschia, sunshine yellow, earthy red & peach.


  • You have lighter hair (light brown, natural blonde).
  • You have grey or blue eyes.
  • Your skin tone is fair or pale.
  • You have pink skin undertones.

Colors to add: blues, violet, minty greens, berry reds & frosty pink.

IF YOU’RE WARM, TRY THESE NEUTRALS: camel, eggshell, periwinkle, warm grey & rose quartz, where I fall under.

IF YOU’RE COOL, TRY THESE NEUTRALS: crisp white, serenity blue, cool greys, lavender.

But I’m not much of a rule-follower anymore.  On my 40’s, I’d like to dress freely and care-free. I like to play with colors but want to make sure that I complement each one with the right color combination.  And I’d like to steer away from neon and flashy colors and design. I want to keep it at the minimum.  For me, less is more. I think Stitch Fix has helped me get out of my comfort zone, and be more adventurous with fashion style. Honestly, I am so scared of sporting a white trouser because of fear of a wider hips and thighs illusion since I don’t possess long slender legs. But one thing I learned, it’s all about confidence that makes you carry any outfit well.

For Spring 2016, neutrals have gone far and beyond the blacks, whites, sand, navy and gray tones. They have added pinks and violets in the genre. Personally, I’m still a classic kind of gal. So I’d rather explore on whites and greys for now before I go beyond. Recently, I have invested on white chinos, shorts and dark skinny ankle jeans, that I have long been hiding from it.  The challenge is how I can dress it well. So here are a few of my creations that might interest you.

Yellow on Neutrals with Black Leather Bracelet
I am loving yellows for Spring especially when paired on whites.  The look is cheerful and bright, which is perfect for Spring. I prefer tops that will specifically downplay problem areas when on whites. The fabric is pretty light-weight and the hemline hits just below your hips and is asymmetrical which helps flatter your figure.  I also love adding some edgy details on my look. So I think that black leather bracelet and wrist watch would help pull the look together. If you’re not a fan, a any texture on your leather accessories would absolutely work.
Beach Days


On Beach Days, I like wearing something light-weight and easy to layer when the tide gets a little chillier than expected. I expect myself to wear my bikinis underneath when the ocean falls to the right temperature, and a change of clothes, SPF lotions and other essentials in my striped beach bag. I like a scarf or a cardigan close in hand on breezy hours. My kids are older now so I don’t need a beach tote bigger than this. They can carry their stuffs in their own carryalls.  I can always share some space with my husband for his small gadgets & a few personal items.

Black Accessories on white chinos


I am a huge fan of wraps, faux wraps tops, or just a criss-cross necklines that gives a great detail that plays your chest area.  This I found out a great top detail for big and small-breasted ladies. So I like something like this on night outs. It’s perfect for luncheons, brunches, and seminars. It would be nice if the blouse hem is elasticized for a fool-proof tuck-ins. I have a couple of blouses like that have given me the opportunity to dress so polished and chic. I like the sophistication of this attire. Very feminine. I also like the idea of accessorizing it in black to give it a stronger look.

There you go. I hope you like my wardrobe ensemble that I created over at My Polyvore. If you like them please give them a like and follow me as I create more on my future posts. They will also be at My Pinterest Board.

Thank you for dropping by.


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