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Curvy Skinny Jeans

Denims are one of my wardrobe staples that I can’t live without.  I wear them 90% of my life.  May it be a pair of trousers, shorts, and jackets.  And I am one picky lady with the way it fits me. I have curvy bottoms so I need a cut that’s flattering and that makes my legs look leaner and longer.  I can wear any cut.  But my favorites are the skinny and the boot-cut legs. I must say that Boot-cut is the most flattering style to any type of body. But the skinnies are my favorite.
Recently I was in search of a new skinny jeans after I ripped off my 10-year old skinny jeans.  I must say it comes with age that metabolism slows down, and makes you pack flabs on unwanted areas. For most women, their hips and thighs. Anyway, it’s been 10 years, I guess I have to say my goodbyes, and time to find a new companion on my errand days.
 On my long quest to find the right fit for me, I was able to reward myself when I took a leap of faith to order online Old Navy’s Curvy Skinny Jeans in Petite. Their jeans in store never fit me well. And I was told to order their petite size to get the right length and the right fit for a 5’4” lad. All I did was to size up from my regular size. And that did the trick. The hem hit the ankle perfectly, which made it easier for me to wear flats and heels without the need to re-hem. It’s mid-rise, which made it so comfy when seated. Nothing budges or folds . It just sits right on your waist, unlike the high- or the low-risers. The fabric is soft and stretchy which gives added comfort on your mid-section, and still provides tummy support.

My next quest is to find my kind of white jeans.


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