DIY Bird Feeder

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Replenish. Restore.

Happy Earth Day!

That’s right. 

April 22 is Earth Day.

So in celebration of the event, I re-blogged a previous project, which I previously blogged on my other account back in 2012, and was linked up here. A project my daughter and I crafted during her preschool days. We made use of materials that were already available at home, and re-used in observance of Earth  Day.

We made a bird feeder.

It was made of milk/juice carton

with lots of popsicle sticks.
We jazzed it up with acrylic paints and some foamy stickers
that can be found at any craft store.
You can also make use of buttons, glitters, sequins, ribbons,
twigs, leaves, pine cone and anything you can find outdoors.
The possibilities are endless. Just use your imaginations and creativity.
First of, we gathered our materials.

You will be needing an X-Acto Knife for this.
Depending on your shape preference, draw your window using a pencil or Sharpie marker. Make use of an X-Acto knife to cut-out a window or 2. Ours just had one window opening.  But if I were to do it again, I’ll cut out 2 to feed more birds.

Allow your child choose the paint color and let her paint it as well.
It’s the only way you could have her engage in a project.
If you’re using an acrylic paint, you might need 3 coats for this for a complete cover-up.
You may use a spray paint too if you wish.
You may also opt for a tissue wrap in multi colors, cut in varying shapes and sizes glued to the box for a different effect.

Make sure to push in the spout carefully and gently.
Then screw back the cover from inside if you wish.
Attach the roof made of popsicle sticks.
You may either glue the sticks side by side straight on the juice box,or glue them altogether first like the one below.

 Here’s how it should look when glued on the top of juice box.

View from under (left), and over the top (right)

Now that the roof was attached, paint it with another color.
Punch a hole just beneath the window for the branch stick.
Attach and paint, as desired.

 Now, isn’t this lovely?

My daughter loved it and so did we!

Happy crafting 
and always make use of the materials we have at home.
We’re doing ourselves a big favor!

Be kind to mother Earth.
Happy Earth Day, everyone!


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