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Project ID: Girl’s Bedroom


Do you know that my 9 year old daughter still sleeps with us in the masters? Yep! And her supposedly room became her study/play room/guest room.  Unfortunately, nothing works when they’re not ready.  We have done all things possible to make her move and stay asleep all through the night.  We decided to be patient.  Wait till she’s ready.  And enjoy every moment of it while they’re still little.  Coz when they’re all grown, you can’t have the luxury to cuddle with them in bed anymore.  Hmmmm….that just doesn’t sound right.

Well, a miracle happened along the way.  Our patience paid off coz now she’s ready to move with all her cuddled stuff friends. A few weeks ago, she requested for a redecoration. She wanted to claim her room and sleep there.  Finally!!! So I went to Pinterest and created a private board of her bedroom makeover.  And of the many pins I pinned, she requested a bench by her windowsill, where she can read whenever she wants.

With our limited budget, I decided to convert an Ikea bookshelf to a storage bench that will look like the image below, courtesy of Mommy Vignettes Blog Tutorial.

window bench

The bookshelf from Ikea is no longer available.  So I am on the hunt for a perfect bookshelf that will function just the same. Perhaps we can also customize the shelf with the use of 2-inch thick pine woods. It looks easy.  I just need to finalize my dimensions.  We can go to Home Depot or Lowes and have them cut the wood according to the dimensions we need.  Everything else will just be hammered and nailed at home.  Perhaps we can also rent some power tools to make things easy.

Here’s a DIY customized bench I found thru Nuestra Vida Dulce Blog that might help us with this quest.

DIY Bench

Pictures will be posted once the bench and the redecoration are finally done.  Wish me luck!!


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