DIY-First Communion Banner

The day is finally here, when my daughter walks down the aisle to receive her first Holy Communion. With the ceremony, we are required to complete a project that embodies the true meaning of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.

We need to accomplish a BANNER.

This is my second time to make a banner for my children, but each time feels like my first.  My daughter calls me Miss Perfection.  That probably embodies my whole being stressing over a simple project each time.  I always want their stuffs to look different, unique, and has my seal of love.  My labor of love.

I am a huge Google-ist and pinner. And I try to incorporate whatever I like about a project idea to mine, until I create my so-called “inspirational” project.  I pin templates and banner ideas on my Pinterest Board, Holy Eucharist Banner.  Everything I made use of are there.  And you may find ideas that may serve as an inspiration to help you design yours too.

I am a big planner before I jump into any project.  I search for templates that can help me visualize my project. Often times I pin them. I like to print, cut-out, and lay-out clip arts on my desk and see how they look. I move them around till I find the best place. Then I plan for colors and materials before I head out to the store.

Below was an example of my visualization.  You’ll find the templates I gathered, cut, and laid out. If I liked what I see, I took a picture of it.  It’s a great resource that you can refer to when purchasing supplies and coordinating colors.


I frequent Michael’s, Jo-ann’s Craft Store, Target, and even 99cents and Dollar stores for all of our project needs. I am one lucky woman who lives at the proximity of those stores. So I have the luxury to scout the best prices before purchase.

So we are asked to make this on a 9×12″ felt cloth of any color.  No wooden dowels. Their first name is a must.  My daughter decided which colors and materials to use, so she could contribute to this family project. She wanted to make use of felt materials with colors, purple, gold, green, white, and silver. But sometimes the colors you pick were not always available. So I had to make adjustments for things to work. And these were what I came out with, for which my daughter had no complaints.

 photo 2016-04-212009.59.31.jpg

Next, I laid out the templates onto the purple felt to visualize how the finish project will look. So we can make adjustments early on.

 photo 2016-04-21 09.58.11.jpg

Looked good to us.  So we went ahead and pinned all the patterns above onto the felt with bobby pins to keep them in place as we traced them with a Sharpie. And this was how they were pinned and traced.

 photo 2016-04-21 10.02.42.jpg
 photo 2016-04-21 09.50.04.jpg
 photo 2016-04-21 09.55.25.jpg
 photo 2016-04-21 09.57.00.jpg

Originally, the plan was to hot glue every piece onto the felt.  But I went a little bit above and beyond to our plan.  I’m Ms Scaredy-Cat that the pieces might come apart as they put them up at the altar with all the other banners on hand. So I decided to machine sew all the pieces just to be sure that her day would be a stress-less, if not, stress-free event.

I hand-sewed a few details on the grape leaves to make it pop a little.  Emerald green is a dark color and might not come out nice from a far.  I also machine-sewed the JHS monogram on the host instead of just a cross.  And this is how it looked like after.

 photo 2016-04-212010.06.32.jpg

How do you like it? I must say I am impressed with our work.  Not the best, but we definitely fell in love with how it turned out.  It was unique because it was sewn. I added her name in between the doves. I made use of Creatology Foam Alphabet Stickers in Gold available at Michael’s, which added a nice touch of sparkle to the piece itself.


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