I ♥ Shirtdress

I am currently coveting Shirtdress that are made of light fabrics and are not clingy. They’re figure-flattering.  It’s perfect for spring and summer. Very casual for everyday wear and are easy to wear. It’s also easy to dress it up. With the use of right accessories and heel height, you’re ready to go for brunch meetings, afternoon teas with girlfriends, or any dressy errand for the day.

What is a Shirtdress?

A Shirtdress is a style of dress that borrows the details from a man’s shirt. It may be collared, button-front, or cuffed sleeves. Often they are made of cotton or silk. Like a man’s shirt, they are cut with no details at the waist, making them loose-fitted, no form, and mostly relies on a belt to tie the outfit together and make it look more feminine.  And this style of dresses is flattering to most female body types.

I personally love them for its ease of styling and utmost wearability. I own a few of them in different colors and material. They never fail me each time I wear them. The dress makes me look polished and sophisticated while providing me comfort all day long.

Find my collections of Shirtdresses on My Polyvore and share your thoughts.  Thanks for dropping by.


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