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The Stitch Fix Fever is ON


I thought I’d be done with Stitch Fix after 2 not-so successful fixes here and here. But I thought I’d give it a try again this month since I am in need of in-season trendy TOPS for summer. I know Stitch Fix has tons of beautiful garments.  It’s just a matter of how your stylist read your Pinterest Board and notes.

I have shopped for the basics in store already. So all I need now are tops to go with my chinos, shorts, and jeans. Those are my must-haves for this summer. I need extra help finding the perfect ones for me. I always have difficulties with TOPS. I need a shopping buddy. This time it’s Stitch Fix, my online personal stylist.

I modified my Pinterest Board. I de-cluttered the unwanted, and moved all articles that I already received to another board to avoid duplicates & confusions. Since I am asking for tops now, I created a new board entitled, “Wanted: TOPS“. I pinned all tops I wanted.  Most are not from the fixes of fellow fixers. I made sure I pinned TOPS I wanted to receive and wear. I pinned them directly from Stitch Fix Pin Boards and Inspirational Gallery Board. That’s a more reliable source.

So when I received an email that I am being styled, the excitement grew in me once again. I made sure my note to my stylist are updated. For this fix, I am looking to purchase all 5. So I asked my stylist to keep the cost at reasonable rate. Let’s see how she performs and style me. I hope I can find a great stylist that truly understand my style. I must admit I can’t keep changing stylist on every fix. But if I find my match, I will stick with her for life.

If you’re new to Stitch Fix and is interested to join the fun, please visit the mechanics here. Warning: Affiliate Links are included. If you use my code, I earn $25 credit to spend towards a giveaway on my next Stitch Fix post.


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