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Summer is IN

With summer officially in about 2 weeks from now, I can’t wait but prepare for the warmer season. Let’s face it. It’s a season that calls for a change of wardrobe. Pants make our legs warmer. And when heat wave strikes, it’s scorching HOT! Really hot that you just want to undress, and be in the comfort of your home with the A/C blasting off. It’s terrible when humidity rises. Believe it or not, I can’t help but feel my clothes sticking on me like crazy. Really not neat.

Let us not forget the beauty what summer brings too. It’s the much-awaited break that every student and teacher look forward to. Summer for us mean beach days, water park trips, backyard BBQ parties, picnic at the park, swim practice, and lots of outdoor activities. So despite of its warmer days that I despise, we make it fun by going on a lot of trips. Let’s make summer fun and productive.


Summer for our family won’t be complete without birthday parties. My son and I are August celebrants, so we make sure we celebrate it well. No shared parties, since we don’t really celebrate it big. We love to go on trips and quiet family dinners on fine restaurants of our choice. We want a well-spent dinner celebration.

Family carrying shopping bags in mall

To prepare for  this year’s summer, I took advantage of the Memorial Holiday Sale Event. We stocked up on shorts, summer tops, and swim wear. We need several of these as we brave the summer outdoors.


I also booked a 2-Night, 3-Day family vacation at The Great Wolf Lodge. A new INDOOR waterpark in Southern California that looks promising and fun. We’re looking forward for this vacation because it’s our first time to experience water park in a whole new fun. It has some added perks to it. It’s not just waterpark. They also have attractions, dining and suites. We’ve been to its competitor like Knotts’ Soak City, LEGOLAND WaterPark and Raging Waters. It’s crazy fun but I didn’t like the idea of dressing up and drying after the water fun experience. The changing room is muddy and crowded. I think with Great Wolf Lodge, it will give me the comfort I am looking for. So watch out for my review about this place with lots of pictures.


My kids are swimmers so they need to get back on track this summer.  It’s the only time I can drive them to FAST without rushing them with their homework. It’s a pre-competitive swim practice, so it’s an hour session, thrice a week for a 10-week session.  Pretty tough but it’s a pretty great training for kids who are too much academically inclined.

images (1)

Their private piano & guitar lessons continue this summer. We are still waiting for a spot in the art class to open up for my girl as she loves to paint and sketching this summer

There will be lots of happy things that will happen along the way.  I shall keep you posted as it happens.



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