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Shaping Up with Blogilates

Summer is in and it’s time to shape up in time for the beach, waterparks and pool parties. I live up to the saying, “Take care of your body.  It’s the only place you have to live in.” And another, “Don’t cover up. Shape Up.”


As a mother of two, I must say I did pretty good with shaping up after childbirth for the past 12 years. But as we age, fat deposits on random places that needs immediate attention so as not to pack up stubbornly. Blame it on metabolism. Metabolism is known to me a fat burning machine. As we get older, they slow down and perform less. And that’s when we unlikely gather those unwanted love handles and cellulites. Like old machines, our metabolism needs help too.  That’s when healthy eating & regular exercise come to play. Eat moderately and exercise regularly.

I know. I hear ya’ll. It’s always easier said than done. But do you have motivations that will help you stay fit?

I have a few that serve as my wake-up call.


I’m not a weighing-scale person. For me they are just numbers. I go on what makes me feel and look good. So I rely on my clothes and pictures, my dear. That’s all. I don’t even use tape measures. My rule of thumb is to stay on one dress size, that is my usual wardrobe size in my closet. No sizing up. The only solution is to workout. If I like a certain top or bottoms, I buy it on my usual size. So if my old clothes don’t fit, I try to fit back by exercising, and cutting back on carbohydrates. It worked for me.

Pictures don’t lie. If you don’t like what you see, don’t even ask for a second opinion just to hear what you want to hear.  Trust me people lie. Especially when the topic is a bit sensitive to the person asking.  I know true friends shouldn’t lie. But can you help it? Women, in general, are overly sensitive when it comes to age and figure. So let pictures be your judge. If you see that double chin (fingers-crossed), or noticed your dress hugs you in the wrong areas, act fast! Start an exercise routine that will solve the issue before they become overwhelming. Don’t starve yourself. Put those unwanted fats to work. Burn it, baby.

I know it’s easier said than done. But if you read on, you’d know exactly why I said it.

If you have been reading my blog from the start, you might have read when I ripped off my favorite skinny and stretchy denim pants out of the blue. I squatted to help my buttocks squeeze into it comfortably. In return, my jeans ripped off at the most awkward place. Sick. That was when the hunt for a replacement took place. To worsen the situation, I was on my way to work, after school drop offs , when another pair of jeans gave up on me as soon as I arrived at the office.  Bummer!!  I immediately rushed to the closest Target to get myself a decent pair of jeans, with my cardigan tied across my waist.  That was so embarrassing!! Glad it was still early in the morning that the ultimate fashionistas and critiques were not even up yet.

When I got to Target, I grabbed a pair of boyfriend jeans by Mossimo. Still in denial on a size up. It fitted right due to its looser fit. But actually needed a size up for a skinny jeans. This was the time I realized that I need to get back on shape. A.S.A.P!! But I was just too lazy and unconvinced till the warmer days had set in. Took out my collection of shorts in lieu of my pants for a more comfortable day. Guess what? They didn’t fit right anymore. The tight waist created love handles that I despised of. And I didn’t look good on shorts anymore. My vanity set in. I can’t believe I can see signs of cellulites on my back thighs already. Yikes!

I don’t have a special diet that I follow to lose weight. I also don’t have a regular exercise routine that I do. But I do it when I have to. I try not to start on something I know I can’t keep forever. I am a lazy jogger. But Pilates is the only exercise that keeps me in shape. I have tried different kinds of Pilates, and each one of them has given me great results. I was already set on going back to Aero Pilates via Daily Burn for half price for 3 months. But I have better news than that. I found a new and better version of it tailored to the classic pilates. Have you heard of Pop Pilates?  POP Pilates is a total body, equipment-free workout that sculpts a rock solid core and a lean dancer’s body like nothing else can. No gym equipment to own. Not even long hours to keep. I can easily fit Pop Pilates into my schedule.  In a matter of month, I see visible change that I can suddenly get back on track. I’d fit in my old clothes in under 1 month. I’d look better on pictures in time for our trips. Not only that, but I also keep the long term result. It works continuously, firming and lengthening my muscles for a slender, taller me. Isn’t that great?

I searched for classes, until I came across Casey Ho’s Blogilates workout program. Little did I know that she’s been developing Pop Pilates workout on target areas which I love the most. It’s short, but powerful. The best thing is it’s FREE. All you need is to subscribe to her YouTube Channel to gain access to all of her workouts. Then go to her website to access her workout calendar so you can tailor your workouts better in a 30-day period.

What more can I ask for?

I’m sold!

Right now, I am working on BlogilatesPOP Pilates Body Slimming WorkOut for Beginners, which I alternate with The 30-day Thigh Slimming Challenge. Hoping that I am summer-ready by July.  Just in time for our trip. I always choose beginner workout to start out, until I can keep up to it with ease. Only then I move on to advance mode, which I normally don’t get myself into, unless I opt for a firmer and toner look.

I plan to blog about this until I can seriously get back on shape. I think blogging it will help me stay on track. So please hear me out on this.

**Disclaimer: I was not asked to review Blogilates Workout Program. I blogged about
it due to my enjoyment of the workout program and has so far been satisfied to it.
I will continue to blog my results experience at my own discretion.

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