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Stitch Fix #3: Wanted TOPS!

 photo DSC_0832a.jpg
My June Fix has finally arrived!!   Each time I expect a package. I try to track them down with text alerts. It helps ease up the long wait for my much-awaited stuffs. Delivered on my doorstep last Wednesday morning, but didn’t get to unbox till Sunday night. Imagine the anticipation inside me.  But I have to attend to more important stuffs in our lives that this has to wait.

My goal for this fix is to keep all 5. So I created a whole new Pinterest Board to help her style me effectively.  Hoping I sent the right message.  We are going on a trip this August and lotsa in-between parties, meet-ups and events.  So I need to prepare for all those.  I requested early just in case all 5 didn’t work out. The more tops the merrier. So I have several options especially I like to look & dress differently everyday. Dream on!!

On my Pinterest notes, I mentioned that I love BOHO-inspired styles. I love intricate details more than prints. If she were to send me printed pieces, I’d opt for geometrics more than florals. I am very meticulous on fabrics. I prefer light-weight, flowy materials like Polyester, Rayon, Silk, Georgette/Crepe, Chiffon and the likes. I dislike ironing, so anything wrinkle-free works. On the plus note, these materials are easy to hand wash when washing machine is inaccessible.  So I pinned tops that I like directly from Stitch Fix Boards, so she knows exactly what to send.

I asked my stylist to keep the cost low, but items that suit my style. I requested all tops that can be worn day and night on shorts, jeans & chinos. In-season, trendy tops that embodies sophistication. I’m not much into bold prints and colors. I requested fresh look style with great details & light, flowy fabric. And she delivered pretty well!

On this fix, I am thrilled to know that Heather styled me again. I personally love her because she listens to all of my pins and notes. And she works around my pins if they don’t fit my budget. I must say she knows her products well because she knows exactly what to send. Honestly, all the fixes she sent worked out well. Usually it was a matter of price, fit and material that led me to return stuffs on my previous fix. I could not believe how great she read me after the previous fix she styled me.

On her note, she mentioned that she has sent me pieces that are closely identical to my pins while keeping them budget-friendly. I loved that she read between the lines with what I was particular with. She paid closely attention to the colors and styles I want. Heather, you rocked!! Those Boho-inspired pieces were the major deciding factor. I loved the various styles and cheerful colors you sent. It would sure give my neutrals a pop of color when styled together.

 photo DSC_0833.jpg

I took the time to attach the style card on this fix as it is something I can use over and over. I have identical pieces that I can make use of. Except for the pencil cut skirts. I’m not a skirt person. And perhaps it’s time to reconsider them in my closet. Especially if I’d be requesting more statement tops on my future fixes. Heather if you’re reading this, please reserve nice knee-length skirts for me. I have curvy bottoms so get me something that complement my figure pretty well.

Renee C 
Canvey Lace Detail Blouse (Small)

 photo DSC_0834A.jpg

This top is so adorable. I love the lace detail around the neckline extending and surrounding the armpit. You may wear an undershirt for a more conservative look. But I love it as it is. The boho-inspired print and the vibrant color complete this blouse. This is made of 100% polyester, which made this happy lady truly satisfied. I can see myself wearing this with white chinos, skinny jeans or denim shorts. And if I need to dress it up, I can wear this with my Margaret M Emer pants on my first fix.  A very lovely addition to my wardrobe this summer. I love corals, and I’m pleased to see this blouse on a different shade of coral. So I’m keeping it.
 photo DSC_0836A.jpg

The only thing that held my decision on purchasing this is the kind of stretchy lace material used. I feel like it can easily be hooked on jewelries or unfiled nails, Velcro from other clothing item. I fear that the detailing might end up ugly, having so many fluff. And if that happens I’ll be sad. But for the 25% I’m getting for all 5, this is more like a freebie. So I decided to keep it anyway.

Skies are Blue
Lumely Embroidered Top (Small)

 photo DSC_0851A.jpg

This is my favorite top of all 5. This reminds me of my old blouse that I ruined and cried over. This embroidery is nothing but lovely.  I love the unique detailing and design. I love the chevron pattern on this top. Not anymore a fan of chevron prints, but this one is purely an exception to that. It’s embroidered. Thank you, Heather, for paying close attention to my pins.
 photo DSC_0852.jpg

It’s 100% rayon with 100% cotton inner shell. Perfect for our summer trip day and night. The back is so simple. I love how the straps are adjustable. I can easily adjust it to my desired length without hand-sewing.  It’s perfect for summer on shorts and sandals for a backyard afternoon party. I can’t wait for 4th of July!

Alice Blue 
Earlson Split Neck Blouse (Small)

 photo DSC_0854A.jpg

This blouse is oh-so-lovely. It’s 100% polyester and it’s so cool on the body. The first top I wore to work underneath my white denim jacket. I got numerous compliments on this one. The fabric is soft, not clingy, and resist moisture. I know poly is not for everyone, especially on summer days. But this works perfect for me somehow. I love the mix of geometric and chevron pattern on this tank. Everything what I asked for.  photo DSC_0856A.jpg

It’s a split neckline opening in front that resembles a shirt. I love the versatility of the blouse. I  love the feel of the fabric against my skin. No static feel. It’s just pure comfort. I can easily tuck it in or out on any pants or shorts. It looks great however way you style it.

Skies are Blue 
Gwen Crochet Detail Top (Small)

 photo DSC_0837A.jpg

I am a sucker for whites on warmer season. They make me look fresh even at the highest temp. I can see myself wearing this on jean shorts a lot, and on chino pants at night.  I am jacket person, and I’m sure this would look great underneath a denim jacket or any bright colored utility jackets.

I especially love how this top drapes you. It’s neither clingy nor boxy. The soft rayon material moves with you. I fell in love with its lace detail on the neckline, shoulder & bodice. The inner shell made it even look dainty. I mentioned to Heather that I am not huge on accessorizing. So I would love to receive statement pieces. I believe this is perfect for a minimalist lad like me. So thank you for granting my request.

Diana Cut-Out Detail Tank (Small)

 photo DSC_0847A.jpg

When I received a notification that my fixed had shipped, I immediately checked out to find out what Heather sent me.  I apologize for being a party-pooper, but I can’t wait. I searched for this blouse on Pinterest and was not quite impressed. I thought it was just a plain sleeveless tank that cost so much. I had to admit that I was quite disappointed. But the moment I got to my fix, I was impressed. It’s not just any ordinary tank. The details are all at the back. And it looks so sexy when you wear it. It’s cut low. I had to include a picture of its back view to show off its “cut-out details” (with a copy paper taped inside, between the front and back bodice to show detail at the back). It went as far low till it hits above your bra closure. I love back details, so this is perfection. For a long as I don’t go bra-less, I’m perfectly fine. Love….love….love!!! I would see myself wearing this so many times.
 photo DSC_0846A.pngI think this will be perfect on beach outings. It’s so summery look!! I can’t wait till our trip. Believe it or not, this will be worn several times before that trip even comes. I think I will have to request for more. Oh no!! Addiction alert.

I would say that this fix was my best by far. This is the mere definition of perfection. I kept 5 out of 5. It all worked out for me because Heather is the best. I laid out my cards. She read it well. I’m glad I took the time to write a note on each of my pin. I’m happy to communicate my wants and needs through those notes. I am very particular with prints. I don’t like busy bold prints, or anything that’s floral unless it’s used as an accent only. I pinned all those that works and that don’t, so she can easily style me. Here’s that pin board that influenced this fix. Disregard new pins that have no notes. I usually update them just before I get styled. That way I still have time to modify that board and delete pins I may have owned already.

It helps to know the kind of textile you are most comfortable with on the season that fix is for. Check your wardrobe tags. The Style profile is never enough for me. I noticed that stylists pay more attention to your special notes. Well, at least for me.  And it also works to inform her of what the fix is for so she can style you better.

This month, I am linking up this post to Maria’s June Stitch Fix Review Linky Party over at her Crazy Together Blog. Head over there to see what my fellow fixers received for the month of June.

Have you scheduled your fix yet? Visit Stitch Fix Mechanics before you schedule your first Fix. Have great fix!!

See ya!


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