VBS – Prep Day

How many of you are familiar with Vacation Bible School, aka VBS?

I have been hearing VBS since my children were born, but never got ourselves interested till last year. We were so late-bloomers on this.  But we must admit we enjoyed it pretty well. It is our second year to participate, and I am volunteering again.logo-highThis year’s theme is The Barnyard RoundUp, which makes me even more excited coz volunteers are to dress on theme. To prove my excitement, I bought 2 plaid shirts to complete my farmer outfit.  Since I am volunteering this year again, I know that the weather can go as crazy hot. On some days, don’t be surprise if I come partially dressed on theme. I can’t stand boots on hot weather, so I plan to come on shorts & sneakers instead. Or if the temperature rises, expect me to be on shorts and flip-flops. I do not dress to kill. Bare with me. I’m the minimalist as always.

I was procrastinating preparing my kids’ shirts for the event next week. Yesterday, I went to Michael’s to purchase these Gildan shirts (below). Red for my 4th grader, and green for my Junior High kid. Still contemplating whether to wash the shirts before ironing on the decals. I forgot what I did last year. We’ll see..


Last year, I volunteered over at the Craft Center, where I helped facilitated various crafts everyday to kids ages 5-11. It was intense at the Craft Center last year since we were short in volunteers. So for some groups with younger children that needed help to cut, my center buddy and I did it for them. I loved it since it has always been my passion to help younger children learn. I was a school volunteer at my kids’ school for a long time before I worked full time. I must say, VBS has given me back that opportunity once again.


This year, I signed up to become a group leader, where I can rotate a group of children to 6 different centers in 2 hours.  I know I will be having a whole lot of fun. I can’t wait to experience first hand the whole VBS picture. Hopefully my 4th grader can rotate with me as a group. I also advised them, should they need more volunteers at the crafts center, I’d be glad to help out again. So we shall see where they assign me.

Come back next week so I can share with you where I got assigned. I will sure be updating you if there are other things I did before the event. See ya!!



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