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Week 25 at a Glance

This is week 25. Many of you might be wondering what  happened to the rest of the week. Well, I recently decided to write up a post at the end of each week reviewing my week as whole. It’s a great way of journalizing my life. A good way to look back and reminisce.

It’s been a pretty busy week for us. VBS will start next week so that added to my already crazy daily schedules.  As always, I have been going to work with kids in tow. They stay with me in the office as I work and finish up my workloads before noon.
First of all, my Stitch Fix arrived last week but didn’t get the chance to unbox it till Sunday night. While I already have a sneek peak on what’s inside, nothing beats the excitement of unboxing it and trying every item in front of a mirror. This fix got me really excited. Find my review of this awesome Fix here.
We started our week out pretty good. We met up with a visiting relative from Florida, whom my kids never met yet. It was amazing she has a smart & adorable girl, who preoccupied both of my kids while we caught up with lots of stuffs. Life is truly amazing. We got to keep up each time. We thought of treating them out at Cheesecake Factory for a well-deserved guests. We reward good behaviors with desserts of their choice.

I can’t believe I raised water babies. So a part of my weekly drive goes to swim practice. It’s gonna kill 3 hours of my day. So that’s absolutely great. A good time to relax and enjoy the weather outside. I’d like to sit on the grass around this time. It’s perfect. Sun is about to set.

The musical instruments will always be a part of our lives too. Piano & guitar right now. Who knows what comes next. Lessons on mid-week for a half-hour class. So far it’s serene for me. A time away from kids and be able to craft a post.


The VBS shirts are ready. I washed them before ironing on the decals. It’s pretty tough to keep it on but I got it done anyways.

Hope you had a great week too!


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