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Brow Talk

Laura GellerHow do you define your brows?

For several years since I learned to define my brows, I discovered a baby that I will never get over it unless it gets beaten.

I had been using the taupe eye shadow palette with a brush to fill in bald spots on my brows. For a while, it  had been performing pretty well.  Looked natural without the hassle of application. But there was one issue though. It could get easily brushed off when rubbed, which happened a lot especially I have skin sensitivity on make ups.

On one of my shopping trips, my daughter and I checked on ULTA. A nice associate came over to greet us and checked if there was anything she could help us with. Great timing!! I advised her that I needed a refill of taupe eyeshadow for my eyebrows. She showed me a couple different shade of taupe they got in store, while introduced Laura Geller Sculpting Eyeshadow Palette too. For $10 more and the extra perks the palette came with, I was sold to it!

It came in 3 different shades: BLONDE, TAUPE, BRUNETTE. I opted for Blonde even if I have brown hair, for a simple reason that I don’t want dark brows, just in case I overdid it. I wanted it to look just right that complements my fair complexion. For a palette, you get a 2-shade baked brow color, a baked brow highlighter in French Vanilla, and a Brow Wax that helps shapes and sets them perfectly into place. The low glow highlighter creates an illusion of a wide-eyed look that helps brighten your eyes.

This has been my “can’t go without” routine in the morning. It used to be an eyeliner. But that has been replaced by this baby. My eyes can go bare now, but my brows can’t.

Do you have any make up routine that you can’t pass?


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