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If we were having coffee…

If we were having coffee, I would be thrilled to buy you this coffee to get to know you better.  So tell me. How do you want your coffee? Mine would be an espresso to keep me awake and focused all day long. I am a coffee addict.  I can’t start a day right without it. No cream. No sugar. I hope this will be a start of our beautiful weekend mornings.enjoy-your-coffee-break-3740441.jpg

I have always been looking for a great community where I can participate on a weekly basis without the stress to come up with a great post. The #WeekenedCoffeeShare Community is simply the best. It’s a great place to have coffee, where I can share my life’s random stories with.

How did your week go? As we sip our coffee, my weekend share rolls…

It was our 14th wedding anniversary last June 23rd. The date we always look forward to, celebrating as a couple. It fell on a Thursday, which was a busy VBS late afternoon as well. Dinners that week were spent at the Church.  So a cozy dinner date was quite impossible.  We just had dessert that night to mark the celebration. Dinner date (with 2 tweens on tow) happened in a cozy Japanese Sushi Coffee corner over the weekend. And, of course, roses from the garden.

I was cool with that. In fact, I unexpectedly found it sweet. My hubby took time to prune my roses and saved the good ones in a vase for me. One great reason I’m half-hearted getting rid of all those thorny flowers…HAHAHA!!! Let’s face it. It’s one of those high maintenance backyard landscape plants.  Plus, who does not miss store-bought flower arrangements on birthdays and anniversaries? I would be a fool to say that I don’t.

Sometimes I wonder why men change over time. Especially after childbirth. Well not really in a bad way. They just become less romantic over time.  I guess a part of it was the neglect on our part at the height of our child-rearing duties. If we could only clone ourselves, we could have been a perfect wife. We could have been living in a perfect world. My point here is, men need to understand what women undergo at this time of their lives. It’s the toughest life’s transition anyone could ever have. But worthy because it makes a couple a family.

So on our 14th anniversary, I’d like to broaden my understanding on the constant changes we experience in our married life.  I hope that this change will affect us in a positive way.  Hoping it would be for the best of our family.

Here’s wishing for forever!

This post is inspired by #WeekendCoffeeShare hosted by Part-Time Monster. Enjoy! If you are a blogger, join in the fun!


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