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Rocksbox: Unboxing

I had been contemplating quite a while to try out another online personal service that requires a monthly subscription.  For the fact that it will not only deplete my savings, but it will also harbor clutters to my already crazy closet space.  I’m not much into accessorizing unless the occasion calls for it. But Rocksbox is awesome to give me a month FREE to try. So why not? There’s absolutely nothing to lose, unless I consider keeping one. In that case, it’d still be a win-win situation.

I signed up here, took the survey, and created my style profile. Here I indicated any metal allergies or notes that my stylist needed to know prior to styling me.  I honestly am so bad at this. I forget to disclose properly what needs to be disclosed. Allergies…for goodness sake! Next I built my wish list with jewelry pieces that I would consider wearing with my wardrobes. I was thrilled to find pieces that I love, but the descriptions were quite limited. Hard to tell their length and make. So it was a little confusing, and a lot of guess works.  Mind you, the first set does not work all the time. Mine didn’t. This was a good time to re-discover my styles.

Shipping are always free on both ends. The only hassle is the drop off to the post office, especially when it is so out of your way to your destination.  But all is worth for the love of fashion.

When I received an email notification that my set was on its way, I was ecstatic! Excited as I was, I couldn’t help but peek. Excuse me! Found out that 2 of my wishes were granted. That prolonged the agony of waiting. My impulsiveness kicked in that very moment. I wanted to make a purchase. Glad my patience overpowered within me and decided to wait. True enough, a reward awaits those who chooses to wait.

After exactly 7 days, my gem is here!

 photo DSC_0892.jpg

Unboxing is my favorite part of the game. It was like receiving a gift each time.  I must admit I wanted to review Rocksbox so badly. Its service and its product. And I’m taking this free month to review as much product as I could.

As I untied and opened my blue box, I was filled with anticipation and excitement. I was awed by what greeted me as my box unfolded.
 photo DSC_0898.jpgA welcome card.  Curious what was written inside? Here I flipped the card for you. Let’s both read the membership perks of being a Rocksbox member. As promised, for $19/month, we get unlimited jewelry rental from top designer brands, whom I was not even familiar with. Bummer! But I did a little research. I discovered a few of my favorite stuffs at an affordable price, and I think I’d stick for a while till I received what I truly wanted. Like Stitch Fix, feedback for each item are important. It’s a great way to communicate with your stylist. Building wish list are done through their website or via Instagram account. With FREE shipping both ways, discounted purchases, and member rewards, I don’t see any reason not to try it out.  If you took that blue card, and the pink card underneath out of the way, revealed another instruction on how to manage the contents in your box.
 photo DSC_0904.jpgThese were the blue and pink cards found inside that gorgeous welcome card.
 photo DSC_0906.jpgAnd of course came your stylist’s note and the price list of the contents. I loved how they made it personalized. It was adorable to receive a box handpicked especially for you, matched with a personalized note card. You keep the pieces for as long as you are a paid subscriber. If you loved a piece, and decided to keep it, you’d pay a discounted member price, which in my opinion was not much depending on the pieces sent to you.
 photo DSC_0907.jpgYou get unlimited amount of shipment in a month each time you return your sets. My guess is you get at least a shipment per week. So that’s a total of  3-4 boxes per month, provided your turnaround is on a  weekly basis too.

 photo DSC_0908.jpg

Unwrapping the beautiful tissue revealed 3 pieces of jewelries individually packaged in a velvety jewelry sack.  Two out of three came from your wishlist. The third piece was the charm. It was handpicked by your stylist according to your style profile.

 photo DSC_0919_1.jpg

I was always drawn towards the odd one out. Kendra Scott green sack stood out of the three, so that came first to unwrap. And it was handpicked by my Stylist.

It contained the Elle Silver Earrings in Slate, which was absolutely lovely.  As instructed, I went ahead and tried it on. I pulled up my hair to see how it looked. With the shape of my ears, I don’t think it suits me well. Perhaps it needs a bit more time of getting used to it.

 photo DSC_0917.jpg

Beautiful as it may looked, but I feel that dainty dropped earrings and studs would look better on me, rather than large danglings. Something classic, clean, and sophisticated. Thoughts?

 photo DSC_0936.jpg
Wearing Kendra Scott Elle Silver Earrings in Slate & the Slate double stranded beaded necklace in silver.

Next came pieces drawn from my wishlist. I honestly adored the Slate beaded double stranded necklace. I was overjoyed to see this baby. But its length came short.  I like to layer necklaces with my other fine jewelries, which most are of similar length. It’s the best way to add statement to any wardrobe.

 photo DSC_0910.jpg

A closer look of the silver beaded necklace. It’s gorgeous. It’s good to wear it as it is because the length is already perfect. Unless you have a longer necklace, you can add it on for a multi-layer statement. I promise you it uplifts any casual outfit.

 photo DSC_0911.jpg

The last piece was the Nakamol Brown and Silver Leather Wrap Bracelet which I adored. This piece is growing on me as I revised this post. I honestly thought this could be a very good addition to my growing collection of bracelets.

 photo DSC_0914.jpg

It was the second on my wishlist.  I thought it was more like a stretch band that you wear and go. Wrong! It was made of a thin strip of beaded leather that you wrap around your wrist several times till both ends meet, and fasten them with a button and loop lock.

 photo DSC_0913.jpg

I love it! It’s nice and edgy.  I love it on denims and casual wardrobes to dress it up. I thought it be might too much work for me. You know the wrapping and unwrapping it around your wrist. But it wasn’t that bad at all.  I wish I gave it a try before I actually returned it. I was too in a hurry to get the one their Summer Trend, that I decided to pass on this one. I would probably have to request this on my next box again.

I love Rocksbox. It helps me re-discover my style. It widens my concept on accessorizing.  And it helps me dress better confidently.

Do you want to give it a try? Here’s my code to give you a month to try for FREE. Then come back here and let me know how you liked it so I can give you a shout out on Twitter or feature you on my next Rocksbox post.



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