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My Weekend Coffee Share

If we were having coffee, I’d be glad to see you once again after I missed our meet last weekend. My weekend work schedules had been pretty crazy that I was pushed to blog earlier for a Saturday morning post. This week, my co-worker called off her Sunday schedule, and I was called to fill in. While I work in another office that Saturday weekend. Bummer! It’s like working 6 days a week.


But I need the extra hours so I’d like to take that back, and be grateful instead. I need to save up for the upcoming Orthodontic treatment of my girl, and pay up my credit card bills as an ill-effect of that 4th of July Outlet hoard. Ha!

First of, I hope everyone had an awesome 4th of July! We did…as always. It’s one holiday that we celebrate as a family. Usually with friends and extended family members. This year we went solo. as everyone else was busy. We always love the fireworks show. The kids will not miss it for anything else.  Personally it was the shopping deals I couldn’t get over. I needed to take a plunge to complete my 4th of July.

Without further ado, my friend and I bravely drove to the Cabazon Outlets after work on 4th of July weekend. Actually fate was with us that day. First, we had very low water pressure at the office that we needed to reschedule all of our afternoon patients. Water pressure is vital at any dental offices. Next, traffic was free-flowing that we got there in under an hour driving from LA. Parking wasn’t even bad. I guess we got there early enough. Lastly, but not the least,  we had the greatest deal at Kate Spade (60%+20% off), Ralph Lauren/Polo (50% off entire purchase), and my fave Banana Republic  (50%+20%+15% off). My total purchase didn’t even break the bank. But it was some kind of unexpected purchase for a woman who rarely shop this big. That explained why I needed those extra hours.

Our 4th of July began with a breezy and crowded morning at the Huntington Beach. The plan was originally to watch the Boat Parade at the Newport Beach, but parking wasn’t with us that we need to change our plans before we ran out of fuel from hunting a space for our SUV. We spent about 2-3 hours of beach fun. My kids were drawn to the magic of sand play. They built anything endlessly.

We spent the rest of our day at Suzanne Park in the City of Walnut. They had tons of activities every year for the entire family. Concert at the park is one. Face painting has always been a tradition for my girl and I. We get matching face paints each year, while my husband and my boy check out the food trucks. At the end of the night, the fabulous firework show never disappoint. The City make it a point that each year’s show is different, and will leave an awesome mark to the spectators.

Last week, we saw the kids’ Orthodontist for my son’s usual adjustments, and for an evaluation for my daughter. I was told that we can’t wait till the temporaries are out. She has a traumatic occlusion on her anterior teeth that’s causing bone loss and gum recession. Scary as it sounds, I know that treatment can still wait because in reality all that was lost and receded, would be recovered by the time treatment started. It’s dentist way to scare parents and kids, and start treatment right away. But who knows what’s going to really happen? It’s better to be safe than sorry. So I caved in and signed the treatment contract. My son started a full treatment almost 2 years ago ay age 11, while my girl starts just Phase 1 of her Orthodontic treatment next week.

This Thursday ago, we went to visit their Pediatrician and Optometrist at Kaiser Permanente. It’s a new insurance, new doctors, first visit. We had no copay for the wellness visit, and the male doctors were both warm and friendly. The kids connected with them right away. My only issue was the vision test my daughter had. She failed at all counts even with her glasses just filled last year. Her prescription went up about +1.0 on both eyes, while my son’s vision didn’t inched a bit. Blame it on tablets and smartphones. I honestly could attest to that. Ever since my son’s Destiny adventure started, he had spent playing on his PS3 same hours as he would on his tablet. But that didn’t affect his vision at all, when during the passed years, he would change glasses every passing year. I guess it’s time to ditch the tablet game play and limit them on trips only, before the kids go blind!

If you’re reading this, please attach your weekend coffee share on the comment section so I can go ahead and sip coffee with you. Or simply like this post, and I’ll go ahead and drop by. Thanks for dropping by and  hope to share coffee with you again next weekend.



This post is inspired by #WeekendCoffeeShare hosted by Part-Time Monster. Enjoy! If you are a blogger, join in the fun!




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