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Rocksbox 2: Gorjana Summer Trend Set

Hello Ladies & Gents (too)!!

If you have been reading my blog, you may have already know that I caved in to the Rocksbox-craze. If you have not heard of Rocksbox yet, it’s an online jewelry subscription that I am trying out for free. You might want to read on my first post here to brief you a little bit before continuing on.

For Gents who are not keen on women’s fashion sense, please exit now while you still can. You or your better halves might see my post, and get hooked <wink>.

Now that you’re back here, let me share with you my love of Rocksbox after receiving my 2nd box. Amanda did a great job for granting my wish to receive their newest summer baby. When they made the announcement on Instagram about this new baby, I immediately returned my current box in exchange for these gorgeousness glistening in gold.

Gorjana Summer Trend Set photo DSC_0973.jpg
Gorjana Summer Trend Set (L to R): Mave Hammered Double Pendant, Arden Lariat Necklace, Kate Chevron Cutout Cuff.

Oh boy! This is totally my style. Clean, fresh look. Nothing too fancy, too bold, and overwhelming. Perfect for a simple classic gal like me.

My fave is the Mave Hammered Double Pendant Necklace because of its versatility. Three ways to wear means three different look. But nothing was too perfect for this gorgeous piece. I had a difficult time putting it on. It’s made of an infinity chain with both pendants on opposite side. So it was complicated to wear it on. Had to contact customer service to make sure I don’t break it. But I guess I got it figured out quite quickly before I even heard back from them.

The trick was to put the whole thing on, then twist closer to your neck and insert your head again to layer. It was complicated but looks really gorgeous once you get the hang of it. I could not get over it. I’d been wearing it for consecutive days now in so many ways. What a keeper!


The Arden Lariat Necklace was adorable. Its extended unique pendant adds sparkle to any wardrobe and layers of necklace. I love it layered and by itself. The Kate Chevron Cutout Cuff tied the layers together. Honestly, I could have love it better if they threw in a matching bar of stud earrings. For which I am requesting for one on my next box.

As a matter of fact I had to post on my Instagram feed, what I wore on one of the days I was wearing this gorgeous ensemble. It makes any simple, classic, clean outfit so dressy that gave me so many compliments on everything I wore for the day.

Wearing the Gorjana Summer Trend Set with my Skies are Blue July Stitch Fix.

I. Love. Rocksbox.

It’s nice to know that Rocksbox is not only an online personal stylist, but a jewelry shop as well that let’s you try it before you even buy it. You get to keep it for as long as you’re a paid subscriber. If you really love it, you can even purchase it at members’ discounted rate.

Do you want to try Rocksbox too? Get a month free for using my code. Let’s help each other enjoy the craze.



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