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Stitch Fix #4: Birthday Fix

It’s one of those days again when I requested a gift for my birthday. In this case, I requested for a fix and accessories. Surprisingly, they arrived on the same day.  As always, earlier than expected. Clothes and Jewelry. I love!

 photo DSC_1005B.jpg

About a month ago, we upgraded our phones to the new Samsung Galaxy. Sadly, our phone carrier messed up our account, that they actually added 4 more lines to our existing family plan of 4.  Bummer! But the good thing was they were able to fix it, and credited us 50% of the total bill.  Though we had to cancel our old lines and moved on to our new numbers, everything actually worked out. The three new numbers we got were sequenced to each other making it easier for the kids to remember. The last number revolved around my birthdate, which my husband gladly took over so he could remember right away. He suffers from “important numbers” memory loss. HAHAHA!!! So let him have it. I agree it was the most inconvenient part of upgrading, but glad it all ended up well. So our lines are up and running once again.

With that, I forgot to sync a lot of things, especially my email, to my new phone. So forgive me if I missed on any of your emails. Hopefully I got everyone covered. I actually missed out on the email notification when this fix was styled. Good I got my notes to my Stylist ready after I checked out my last fix. But my Pin Board isn’t ready at all. Nothing but old summer fix requests only. But it kinda worked out since August is technically Summer. And because Heather is so awesome, she sent clothes that can easily transition to the cooler months of Fall.

This time Heather surprised me! She has sent pieces that actually personifies me. I can tell that from short periods of time working together, she had known me pretty quite well. As expected, she sent a wonderful fix once again. And I can’t help but recommend her enough for her fantastic skills of being a personal stylist.

If you’re new to Stitch Fix, you might want to read my post here before proceeding. That way you have an idea how to join in the fun.

Moda Luxe
Palermo Stitch Detail Clutch

I am super pleased to receive this clutch that I’ve been eyeing for so long, but kept forgetting on requesting till this FIX. I guess I was able to pin this, but just didn’t finish the whole Fall inspiration. Glad that on my note I specified that I’m looking for a versatile clutch that can transition from day to night. I am always at a loss when it comes to color, so I left it all to Heather. I’m a sucker for anything gold and black, which is such a fool-proof to match with any colors of my wardrobe.

 photo DSC_0991a.jpg

I love that the clutch is convertible. The chain link strap is removable, or can be stashed in the pocket behind that zippered flap. I should have taken a picture so you can see. I so need a clutch, which I don’t own a single one, to keep my essentials (wallet, smartphone and keys) when a full purse is not needed on occasions like girls’ night outs, movie dates, and dental conventions.

 photo DSC_0993a.jpg

I love purses and clutches. This would make a great birthday gift. Super grateful that Heather is always there to fulfill my fashion bucket lists. For under $40, it’s a steal.

Adele Skinny Jean - 6

On my note, I asked Heather to send age-appropriate pieces that would dress me looking fab all the time, and not old and boring. I wasn’t surprise to receive a bright-colored skinny jeans on my fix this time. And the color is RED. I agree that it’s a good Fall color. And it would be great to sport another color of trousers other than the usual.  But RED, I must say, is quite strong for me, and it’s something that I need to get used to it, which is not impossible. The only problem is that I don’t have a pretty good skill matching colors with red, other than the neutrals, which might make my look a little bit boring since I’m not really great at accessorizing. But I know I could play it up with colored or patterned scarves, kimono tops and other neutral based printed tops. So the adventure continues.

I had fun trying this pair out with most of my tops in my closet, and even with the tops they sent my way. I guess I need more time playing with this color til I could work something out that I would look fab in it. Since this is my very first time to own a fall-colored denim other than black, white, dark and washed out blue, I find it quite difficult to dress this pair. I promise I need more help and inspiration to make it work.

 photo DSC_1001a.jpg

This is what I like about Stitch Fix though. They send pieces that we don’t normally request, so we have the chance to venture out of our comfort zone, and who knows, it might actually work. They extended my return window for this. I wanted to see whether this type of trousers would actually grow into me. Believe it or not, it did. But the skinny fit of Liverpool just isn’t much flattering for my body type. I would prefer a skinny straight for this type of brand. And they were able to make a note on my account to find and reserve a skinny straight of this color and size under my name, and send it as part of my fix when it becomes available. I also requested a Petite sizing for Liverpool coz it’s a tad long on my usual length.

While this is going back for now, I have requested it to be sent back on my next fix with tops that could actually work with this. I think that’s the best way to help me out with this new color adventure.

Skies are Blue
Gustav One Pocket Chambray - XS

I have always wanted a chambray top. And I have a fascination for the brand Skies are Blue. They make a fabulous collection that suits my style. During the Memorial Holiday sale, my friend and I raided the Outlet Mall and was able to steal a great deal over at Banana Republic. I had the pleasure of scoring a sleeveless button down chambray shirt with a lovely pleated detail at the back, which I adored so much. And this one is another hit by Skies are Blue!

 photo DSC_1000a.jpg

It’s different from the usual button down chambray. I love that this has a deeper opening so I can wear a colored camisole underneath to add some pop of color. It’s perfect for scarf days. And I can always accessorize with chokers layered with another gold necklace.  Its sleeves can be rolled up and secured by that buttoned tab attached at the inside of each sleeve. It’s perfect on any colored trousers or shorts. It’s a great casual look for Summer that can transition well to the Fall weather of Southern California.

Verdict: It’s a keeper!

Lorimer Mixed Print Blouse - XS

I found this blouse very interesting. I thank Heather for sending this to me. I love that it was made of a see-through kind of material. This doesn’t come with an inner shell or a camisole though. So I would have the freedom to play with the color of camisole on this particular top. Though it would come in handy if it did to put the guess work out of the way.

On my style card, this was suggested to wear it with a denim pant. But I find it more appealing on me if I wear it with a white trouser. And perhaps as I incorporate this on my wardrobe, I’d find more other options to wear it.

 photo DSC_0997a.jpg

With my recent size adjustment on my profile, I encountered a minor issue on this specific blouse. For XS, it runs a tad tight on the hemline, when everything else fits perfectly. That limited its possibility to be worn any other way. I love my clothes to be versatile at all times. That’s to avoid a duplicate look each time this item was worn. So I went ahead and contacted customer support, for which I corresponded with wonderful Jacob, who was awesome and patient on assisting my needs and was able to find a Small and held it for me till I checked out. Their exchanges ship out as soon as you checked out, and item is marked as kept. So when you check out, you actually pay for the exchanges ahead of time, but if it didn’t work out, contact them and they should be able to credit you back.

Chana Embroidered Dress - S

I mentioned to Heather that Shift dress is one of my wardrobe essentials that I make use of year round. I find it easy to sport this kind of dress next to a Shirt dress. They’re very comfy and are very versatile with season changes and whatever the occasion calls for. They key is just the dress detail and material, which I am very particular of. And Heather knows just what to send.

The Chana Embroidered Dress is an example of my style. The embroidered neckline is what I meant that doesn’t need much of accessorizing. This type of neckline, in my opinion, doesn’t need huge statement necklaces. Since I love layered necklaces, I can actually just add that in and I would look glamorous right away with the perfect pair of earrings and statement cuff. I love that it has an inner shell that moves with you. It’s perfect.

 photo DSC_0990a.jpg

It’s a shift dress, so don’t expect anything that will flatter your figure at all. It’s comfortable and is best worn under a cardigan or jacket to add bulk and layers to it on cooler months.  And in the event I’d want to wear it by itself, I can always add a belt to add some details on the waist. Or without depending on my mood. It’s so easy to play it up or down. And I’m already seeing the endless possibilities of this dress.

 photo DSC_0989a.jpg

I love that everything I already own works with this dress. I can even wear ankle boots on this dress making the outfit more versatile as I build up more ideas on how to wear this gorgeous dress. I will be posting pictures on my Instagram account as I wear them on my daily endeavors. Follow me there. I’d love to follow you back and see all of my fabulous readers. If I have time, I can also create style cards over at my Polyvore for some more fun inspirations.

For the meantime, I am linking this post to Crazy Together Blog so you may be able to discover more Stitch Fix items that might interest you. Thinking of joining the fun and finally get on track with us? You’re welcome to use my affiliate link by clicking on the Stitch Fix banner below.

See you on my next adventure!



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