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A Pleasant Surprise

Hello Everyone!!

I’m back from blog hibernation. Work has kept me really busy to write. So what made me write today, you might ask? Well I got a pleasant surprise in my mailbox a couple of days ago which reminded me what I’ve been missing during those busy days of my life.

Rocksbox, baby!!

Yes, despite of my busy schedule, I was able to renew my wishlist in time for this shipment. So relieved to see my most recent ones in my box. Actually, all 3 of them were granted. And for that, a huge thank you!!

Gorjana Power Gemstone Bracelet in Ionite | OhMarieOh

Of course, a big shout-out to Kimberly for reading into my notes and sent my most requested Gorjana bracelet. Love it. Perfect for my kind of arm party (though above picture is not even considered a party yet) to work that is not overwhelming for someone who works in a dental office. Don’t want anything to touch my patient’s face or mouth. Or catch any instrument on the bracket table. And it’s not too heavy to move around. It’s so light you would not even notice it’s there. All I received were nice complements that added a nice touch to my wrist all day long.


Mostly, this is what I like to party on my arm when wearing a huge watch. Just to add a pop of color or movement. Sometimes there’s more to it.


And of course I’d like to share with you this lovely pave ball studs in gold by Sophie Harper. It’s a simple way to pop radiance on your face without being all glammed up at work. It’s an effortless way of dressing up and still get noticed and complemented.


This Kali Necklace by Slate is perfection too on solid colored tops. I wore it on with my black solid Merino Wool top. I love how it dresses up the simplest wardrobe in your closet. Love the simple detailing and the setting of stones. Just the right touch of Boho I am looking for.

All 3 were definitely a match made for me. Love it!!

Want a free month? Sign up at Rocksbox and use my referral code: MARIEHBFF3. You get a free month + $21 shine credit that you can use towards your purchase and I get a credit to use towards my own as well. It’s  a WIN-WIN, right? 

Happy Rocskboxing ladies!


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