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A Well-deserved Break

This is a such a late post (excuse me), but I’d rather post it and check it off my bucket list than have it sit in my memory bank forever. Besides I have great pictures to share <wink with a smiley>. Hang on!

Thanksgiving is the beginning of our busiest season ever. For our family, ’twas the season for celebrating not just with our families, but with all of our loved ones. So it was an unending gathering weekends after another. Sometimes it got even sooner than we expected.

2016 was the busiest for us, as it was our turn to host each and every gatherings we attended for several years. So if you can just imagine how it treated us financially. And not to mention the preparation and clean-ups. It was crazy but it was all worth the hassle and buzzle. We were absolutely overjoyed to see the people we love gathered with us despite of our imperfections.

The Palace of Fine Arts | OhMarieOH

Last year had been so kind to us that brought our family together once again after 10 years of celebrating holidays to ourselves and our friends. My sibs and I decided to celebrate Thanksgiving in San Francisco, since it was mom’s 70th birthday too. We stayed in The Embassy Suites close to San Francisco Airport. Though if we were to book it again, we’d rather stay closer to downtown, where everything is at the vicinity.

The View at the Embassy Suites | OhMarieOH

But here was why we love the Embassy Suites. It has free continental breakfast buffet from 7-10 am. The rooms can fit 4-6 people and it has a separate living area to receive guest without having them witness your chaotic world in the bedroom. I love that there are 2 television set so my husband and I had every reason to relax and unwind with our favorite shows on, while the kids enjoy on their own show.

A View from 8th Floor at the Embassy Suites | OhMarieOH

Here was our view from 8th floor, overlooking the breakfast banquet. Considering I have the fear of heights, we chose to stay on the 8th floor because our rooms are so close to each other, which was a bonus on a holiday. And also free wifi, which I believe is a hotel standard offer.

Fisherman's Wharf | OhMarieOH

We dined & visited as much must-see places in San Francisco. Mostly the landmarks that has the seal of SF. The Fisherman’s Wharf and the Pier(above), the famous Golden Gate & its park (below) are a few. One should never miss this.

A view from the hill | Golden Gate Bridge | OhMarieOH

And of course, you’ll never miss the Palace of Fine Arts Museum (at the very top) for its most intricate architectural buildings ever. It’s my favorite place ever. We spent most of our days here in between trips.

While we were in the area, we swung by Lombard (below), the most crooked street in the world. I love adventure! So I drove by and experienced how to maneuver in a very steep road with 8 hairpin turns. First time to use my D3 gear. Then drove back and parked on top, walked down and took pictures at every angle. Yes! A must-do for my bucket list. Wonder if the residents ever got annoyed of the many paparazzi (including me) who frequent the neighborhood. This place is indeed the busiest ever on a regular basis. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, but your place is really lovely to pass.

The Crooked Lombard | OhMarieOH

Another exquisite architectural building to see is the beautiful Six Victorian & Edwardian houses known as the Painted Ladies (below behind mom). Painted in 3 or more colors that embellish or enhance their architectural details. During our planning, it even crossed our plan to rent an air bnb for a more cost-effective tri


If you still have time, go and see the Twin Peaks to view the city of San Francisco from the top. It’s best to see it during the daylight and at nighttime to enjoy the beauty San Francisco has to offer.

See you!


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