Welcome to my so called LIFE when not on bento.  If you don’t already know, I used to blog about bento here.  But as my kids grew, bento and I grew apart as well. Not totally. I still make & pack lunches. I just don’t get to blog them anymore. I have accepted a full-time job that took that extra hours away from staging and photographing those lunches.  But my life as a blogger needs to go on.

We eat, drink, live and laugh healthily.  We love to do a lot of stuffs together, and I’d like to journalize things that I would love to read and reminisce when the kids are all grown and have moved out. So you will see random posts on this personal blog, for which I labeled, “My Lifestyle Blog”.

I am not a pro on blogging. And I don’t blog primarily to make a profit. I blog to help me journalize my life as a mom, a volunteer, and an achiever.

You will see a lot of food, fashion, travel, crafts, and photography showcased on this blog.  Unless it’s a review of bento tools and bento-related gears or marketing, my thoughts will be journalized here. And that may change too, depending on how I’m wired on certain days.

Follow along our journey in life and hope we can be together for a lifetime.