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A Pleasant Surprise

Hello Everyone!! I’m back from blog hibernation. Work has kept me really busy to write. So what made me write today, you might ask? Well I got a pleasant surprise in my mailbox a couple of days ago which reminded me what I’ve been missing during those busy days of my life. Rocksbox, baby!! Yes,… Continue reading A Pleasant Surprise

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Stitch Fix #4: Birthday Fix

It’s one of those days again when I requested a gift for my birthday. In this case, I requested for a fix and accessories. Surprisingly, they arrived on the same day.  As always, earlier than expected. Clothes and Jewelry. I love! About a month ago, we upgraded our phones to the new Samsung Galaxy. Sadly, our phone carrier… Continue reading Stitch Fix #4: Birthday Fix

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Rocksbox 2: Gorjana Summer Trend Set

Hello Ladies & Gents (too)!! If you have been reading my blog, you may have already know that I caved in to the Rocksbox-craze. If you have not heard of Rocksbox yet, it’s an online jewelry subscription that I am trying out for free. You might want to read on my first post here to brief you… Continue reading Rocksbox 2: Gorjana Summer Trend Set

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Rocksbox: Unboxing

I had been contemplating quite a while to try out another online personal service that requires a monthly subscription.  For the fact that it will not only deplete my savings, but it will also harbor clutters to my already crazy closet space.  I’m not much into accessorizing unless the occasion calls for it. But Rocksbox is awesome… Continue reading Rocksbox: Unboxing

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Sail Away

  Sail Away by ohmarieoh featuring destroyed skinny jeans WHITE is the color of Summer 2016. And I’m loving the monochromatic look with a colored blazer or kimono cardigan. Blazer is a statement piece of every wardrobe, while a cardigan, in my own opinion, helps put any outfit together without coming in too strong. Depending on what the occasion calls for,… Continue reading Sail Away

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Brow Talk

How do you define your brows? For several years since I learned to define my brows, I discovered a baby that I will never get over it unless it gets beaten. I had been using the taupe eye shadow palette with a brush to fill in bald spots on my brows. For a while, it  had been… Continue reading Brow Talk

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Summer WishList

On my Summer wish list, I am currently coveting Boho inspired kimono wraps to style my rather simple neutral attire on my lazy days, which happens quite very often. Not very long ago, I fell in love with low stacked heels. But on my quest to find one, I realized low height wedges (about 2-2.5 inches high) are rather perfect for… Continue reading Summer WishList

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Stitch Fix #3: Wanted TOPS!

My June Fix has finally arrived!!   Each time I expect a package. I try to track them down with text alerts. It helps ease up the long wait for my much-awaited stuffs. Delivered on my doorstep last Wednesday morning, but didn’t get to unbox till Sunday night. Imagine the anticipation inside me.  But I have to attend to more important stuffs… Continue reading Stitch Fix #3: Wanted TOPS!

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Summer is IN

With summer officially in about 2 weeks from now, I can’t wait but prepare for the warmer season. Let’s face it. It’s a season that calls for a change of wardrobe. Pants make our legs warmer. And when heat wave strikes, it’s scorching HOT! Really hot that you just want to undress, and be in the comfort of your… Continue reading Summer is IN

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The Stitch Fix Fever is ON

I can’t believe I am requesting another fix this month. Shopping has never been this easy when you have a personal stylist to pick out clothes that closely match your style including styles you’ve never tried before. I love that they push me out of my comfort level and try new styles each time.

Read along and see how I prepared for this fix that might help make it a better fix.