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Stitch Fix #4: Birthday Fix

It’s one of those days again when I requested a gift for my birthday. In this case, I requested for a fix and accessories. Surprisingly, they arrived on the same day.  As always, earlier than expected. Clothes and Jewelry. I love! About a month ago, we upgraded our phones to the new Samsung Galaxy. Sadly, our phone carrier… Continue reading Stitch Fix #4: Birthday Fix

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Stitch Fix #3: Wanted TOPS!

My June Fix has finally arrived!!   Each time I expect a package. I try to track them down with text alerts. It helps ease up the long wait for my much-awaited stuffs. Delivered on my doorstep last Wednesday morning, but didn’t get to unbox till Sunday night. Imagine the anticipation inside me.  But I have to attend to more important stuffs… Continue reading Stitch Fix #3: Wanted TOPS!

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The Stitch Fix Fever is ON

I can’t believe I am requesting another fix this month. Shopping has never been this easy when you have a personal stylist to pick out clothes that closely match your style including styles you’ve never tried before. I love that they push me out of my comfort level and try new styles each time.

Read along and see how I prepared for this fix that might help make it a better fix.

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March Fix: My 2nd Stitch Fix

My 2nd fix has finally arrived after such long wait. Ha! I guess this has how Stitch Fix gotten women addicted to shipments they send.  And believe it or not, I love them…a lot!  It’s true, fix gets better in time.  And mine just took one fix for my stylist to get to know me… Continue reading March Fix: My 2nd Stitch Fix