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A Well-deserved Break

This is a such a late post (excuse me), but I’d rather post it and check it off my bucket list than have it sit in my memory bank forever. Besides I have great pictures to share <wink with a smiley>. Hang on! Thanksgiving is the beginning of our busiest season ever. For our family,… Continue reading A Well-deserved Break

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My Weekend Coffee Share

If we were having coffee, I’d be glad to see you once again after I missed our meet last weekend. My weekend work schedules had been pretty crazy that I was pushed to blog earlier for a Saturday morning post. This week, my co-worker called off her Sunday schedule, and I was called to fill in. While I… Continue reading My Weekend Coffee Share

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If we were having coffee…

If we were having coffee, I would be thrilled to buy you this coffee to get to know you better.  So tell me. How do you want your coffee? Mine would be an espresso to keep me awake and focused all day long. I am a coffee addict.  I can’t start a day right without… Continue reading If we were having coffee…

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Today’s Daily Post weekly photo challenge for Wordpress bloggers is PARTNERS. Read more to see how we roll. #challenge #photography

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Week 26: VBS at Large

Happy Weekend!! This week started with a ridiculously triple digit weather. Our LA Monday went as high as 109 degrees F.  That pushed me out of work earlier than usual. Even inside the office with a full blast A/C, we felt the heat.  That is summer in LA. Even with the heat wave, the week went pretty exciting… Continue reading Week 26: VBS at Large

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Week 25 at a Glance

This is week 25. Many of you might be wondering what  happened to the rest of the week. Well, I recently decided to write up a post at the end of each week reviewing my week as whole. It’s a great way of journalizing my life. A good way to look back and reminisce. It’s been… Continue reading Week 25 at a Glance


VBS – Prep Day

How many of you are familiar with Vacation Bible School, aka VBS? I have been hearing VBS since my children were born, but never got ourselves interested till last year. We were so late-bloomers on this.  But we must admit we enjoyed it pretty well. It is our second year to participate, and I am volunteering again.This… Continue reading VBS – Prep Day

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Shaping Up with Blogilates

Shaping Up and staying fit has always been a challenge for me. But I see to it that I keep up to it in order to look and feel good. Pilates has never failed me and I will always stick to it thru thick or thin. Just like marriage. Read on to see why I choose to stay fit with pilates.