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Stitch Fix 2019 : How to Get Better Fixes

It’s great to start off my new year with another Stitch Fix. I gave it another try, hopeful my stylist would deliver this time.
Since my December Fix didn’t workout, I had to redo my Style Profile and Pinterest Board. I retook my Style Profile, adjusting my sizes, and updated my notes to my Stylist. I deleted my Stitch Fix Boards and created a brand new one to avoid confusion and directly spoke to my Stylist. Did it work? Let’s see how they did.

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December Ellie Box

My Ellie Subscription Boxes for my workout gears. I have been receiving Ellie boxes for half a year now and noticed that I haven’t blogged a single of it. Though I don’t religiously get it every month, but if I see something that I like, I give it a go. Here’s why.

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Stitch Fix #5 : Holiday Fix

Oh Hello Stitch Fix! Here’s an RSVP to an invite you sent regarding the $49 one-time annual subscription fee. Let’s see what Heather had sent me. So excited!!

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A Well-deserved Break

This is a such a late post (excuse me), but I’d rather post it and check it off my bucket list than have it sit in my memory bank forever. Besides I have great pictures to share <wink with a smiley>. Hang on! Thanksgiving is the beginning of our busiest season ever. For our family,… Continue reading A Well-deserved Break

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A Pleasant Surprise

Hello Everyone!! I’m back from blog hibernation. Work has kept me really busy to write. So what made me write today, you might ask? Well I got a pleasant surprise in my mailbox a couple of days ago which reminded me what I’ve been missing during those busy days of my life. Rocksbox, baby!! Yes,… Continue reading A Pleasant Surprise

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Stitch Fix #4: Birthday Fix

It’s one of those days again when I requested a gift for my birthday. In this case, I requested for a fix and accessories. Surprisingly, they arrived on the same day. As always, earlier than expected. Clothes and Jewelry. I love! This time Heather delivered! She has sent pieces that actually personifies me. I can… Continue reading Stitch Fix #4: Birthday Fix

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Rocksbox 2: Gorjana Summer Trend Set

Hello Ladies & Gents (too)!! If you have been reading my blog, you may have already know that I caved in to the Rocksbox-craze. If you have not heard of Rocksbox yet, it’s an online jewelry subscription that I am trying out for free. You might want to read on my first post here to brief you… Continue reading Rocksbox 2: Gorjana Summer Trend Set

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My Weekend Coffee Share

If we were having coffee, I’d be glad to see you once again after I missed our meet last weekend. My weekend work schedules had been pretty crazy that I was pushed to blog earlier for a Saturday morning post. This week, my co-worker called off her Sunday schedule, and I was called to fill in. While I… Continue reading My Weekend Coffee Share

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Rocksbox: Unboxing

I had been contemplating quite a while to try out another online personal service that requires a monthly subscription.  For the fact that it will not only deplete my savings, but it will also harbor clutters to my already crazy closet space.  I’m not much into accessorizing unless the occasion calls for it. But Rocksbox is awesome… Continue reading Rocksbox: Unboxing

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If we were having coffee…

If we were having coffee, I would be thrilled to buy you this coffee to get to know you better.  So tell me. How do you want your coffee? Mine would be an espresso to keep me awake and focused all day long. I am a coffee addict.  I can’t start a day right without… Continue reading If we were having coffee…